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MARIS Bridge Assistant (MBA) is the latest generation of MARIS Digital Services (MDS) as “One Stop Shop” for all Maritime Digital Data and publications and encompasses modules for:

  • Managing and updating paper charts onboard
  • Managing and updating electronic charts onboard
  • Planning routes, ordering charts and producing voyage plans
  • Managing UKHO Lists of Lights and Radio Signal
  • Ordering and displaying weather and sea currents forecast information

MBA is offering simpler and improved graphical interfaces.

MBA Principles

MBA is a multi-database service and software package designed to help reducing the navigators’ workload.  MBA supports calculations, optimizing and updating charts and publications required for a specific voyage. 

  • One software package, MBA, installed on board the ship
  • On-shore server farm, MBA Server, hosting several SQL databases
  • Communication between MBA clients and MBA server farm

MBA Services

  • Paper Chart and Publications Manager
  • ENC/AVCS Manager
  • ARCS Manager
  • PAYS Manager 
  • Admiralty Digital Publications Manager
  • Weather Manager
  • Voyage Planner


  • User friendly software to access the MBA Server
  • Subscribe only to the services needed
  • Graphical interface, easy to use
  • Download - ONLY the data needed - WHEN it is needed
  • Update and manage paper charts in under half the time traditionally taken
  • Update and manage electronic charts cost effectively
  • Plan a route and automatically list all charts and publications needed
  • Download weather forecast for proposed route and plan any deviation before leaving port
  • Produce a Voyage Plan from a route from within MBA
  • Route chart updates are received whilst on passage, without user intervention
  • All chart updates may be requested on demand via internet, whilst in port
  • Automatically receive and display updated weather forecasts
  • Download of electronic charts, chart updates, weather, current and all other subscribed digital data

Electronic Charts

Maris Digital services is official distributor of electronic charts from UKHO, Primar, IC-ENC and  Jeppesen and  the following charts and publications are available 

Charts and Publications 

  • ENC Services: MARIS Digital Services is an authorized distributor of ENCs from the two Regional ENC Co-ordinating Centre’s - RENCs Primar and IC-ENC, as well as from the UKHO Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS) and Jeppesen. All ENCs supplied are fully compliant with IHO S-57/S-63 standards and IMO SOLAS chart and carriage requirements.
    • Primar/ IC-ENC: Official ENC cells produced by the Regional ENC Co-ordinating Centre’s- RENCs provide comprehensive worldwide coverage allowing for safe navigation covering the major seaway routes, approaches, coasts, ports and harbours. Primar/IC-ENC is available through PAY AS YOU SAIL - PAYS and MBA.
    • AVCS including AIO: The Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS) brings together Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) from national Hydrographic offices around the world and new ENC coverage produced by UKHO in co-operation with Foreign Governments to provide the most comprehensive, official, worldwide coverage. All AVCS customers receive the unique ADMIRALTY Information Overlay (AIO) at no extra cost in order to identify areas of possible navigational uncertainty and risk at the crucial passage planning stage. AIO combines all UKHO Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners (T&P NMs) for all ADMIRALTY paper charts, and ENC Preliminary Notice to Mariners (EP NMs) resulting from the UKHOs’ unique ENC verification process. AVCS is available through PAY AS YOU SAIL - PAYS and MBA.
    • Jeppesen CMAP ENCs: Jeppesen ENC Service consists from official ENCs produced by national Hydrographic Offices and distributed on a single DVD for the worldwide database .The ENCs are converted by Jeppesen to SENC format type approved by DNV. Jeppesen ENCs are not available through MBA.
  • ARCS: ARCS-ADMIRALTY RASTER CHART SERVICE  is UKHO’s paper chart portfolio presented in a digital format. Raster Navigational Charts (RNCs) are a safe and reliable primary navigation alternative under certain conditions and subject to individual Port and Flag State approval. ARCS is available through MBA.
  • Jeppesen Professional+: Professional+ is a global vector chart database produced by Jeppesen and should be only used as a navigational aid. This data however, facilitates the full functionality of an ECDIS, and is an excellent training choice for navigators before switching from paper to ENC. Professional+ is not available through MBA
  • Admiralty Digital Publications: UKHO Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP) are computer-based versions of the UKHO’s paper – ADMIRALTY Nautical Publications. ADP is available through MBA. The full ADP range includes:
  • ADMIRALTY Digital Radio Signals
  • ADMIRALTY Digital List of Lights
  • ADMIRALTY Total Tide

 Pay As You Sail (PAYS)

 Pay As You Sail (PAYS) is offered for ENC charts from Primar or UKHO.

  • All ENC charts are available on board free of charge for planning purposes 
  • The user pays only for the ENCs used for navigation 
  • The vessel‘s positions are automatically reported to the server 
  • The server calculates and invoices the ENCs used for navigation based on vessel tracking.

Voyage Decision Support (VDS)

Voyage Decision Support (VDS) is an onboard electronic tool for navigators to plan, optimize and execute in real time a sea voyage in order to minimize the fuel consumption and time.

  • Maximising the use of ocean current to improve ship performance
  • Calculating optimal speed to ensure ´just-in-time arrival`
  • Avoiding weather delay and damage as far as possible, and avoiding no-go areas.

VDS features several different modules such as voyage optimization, voyage planning and communication. In addition MARIS is developing a fleet management system for shore-based personnel. The VDS can replicate and communicate selected data to the shore fleet management system for further processing and analysis.

The VDS is built around the MARIS ECDIS900, and is served by the MARIS Bridge Assistant (MBA) system. The VDS information is presented directly on the ECDIS900 screen. Communication is via Fleet Broadband, V-SAT or Fleet 77.


  • Fuel consumption reduced by more than 5% pa
  • Time efficiency of up to 15 sea-days saved pa
  • Short payback on investment
  • 5 year detailed operations history documented
  • Improved control of vessel’s operations
  • The VDS can be used as an official ECDIS back up

MARIS Customer Portal (MCP)

The sophisticated systems and services from Maris will seamlessly integrate into this web-based tool where the Ship owner has all the relevant information and latest updates available at the click of a button. MCP keeps track of everything from chart management and cost control to full graphical view of vessel tracking with MARIS PAYS. With easy access to vessels and by adding all services, reports and chart handling into one user-friendly portal, MCP helps simplify fleet management and cost control.

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