ICT & Cyber Security Solutions

Otesat-Maritel invests continuously in network infrastructure and in the development of value-added services with the most notable one being s@tGate, an integrated solution that optimizes satellite broadband communications, and designated for both operational (ship-office-ship) and crew’s use via delivering a variety of digital services (e-mail, voice, internet, M2M, etc.) covering the ICT needs of any modern shipping company.

Otesat-Maritel, through the ICT solution s@tGate, provides a range of subscription services compatible with a variety of broadband satellite links (FleetXpress, VSAT, FleetBroadband, Iridium) structured in modules for greater flexibility and centralized management from a single environment platform.

The growth of Big Data phenomenon even in satellite communications nowadays has increased the customer needs and worries of obtaining to their vessels not only an of cutting edge satellite technology on board but also this accompanied with all the possible requisite security in terms of Information Communications Technology (ICT).

Otesat-Maritel, for that reason, having also the mentality of a telecommunication provider, invests continuously to offer value added satellite services to its customers under a secured framework.

As an authorized Value Added Reseller of Inmarsat Fleet Xpress new service and also in the past as a type approved Distribution Inmarsat Partner of Fleetbroadband Service, Otesat-Maritel owns a private, secure and fully redundant network with a type approved interconnecting POP (Point of Presence) with Inmarsat Satellite and Terrestrial Networks for both satellite services (FX, FB). Customers and their vessels benefit from that control and privacy that Otesat-Maritel could carry to the invested IT and telecoms infrastructure.    

Managed Centralized firewalling services on the core Otesat-Maritel’s network can prevent hackers or malicious software from accessing the computers on board or any vessel’s network equipment in place via public Internet, putting in danger their operational continuity and on board procedures and facilities.

Additional Onboard Firewall Protection with centralized remote management capability from shore provides to the customer’s vessels adjustable firewall services and capability to limit any undesirable requests from ship to shore direction through the satellite link and before reaching the Otesat-Maritel’s Network Central Firewall. Thus, it acts also as a second safety valve to prevent from any undesired digitized data on the so valuable satellite channel usage in terms of subscription’s cost and QoS reliability.

Antivirus services as part of the cyber threat aware portfolio of Otesat-Maritel sevices are an additional way to prevent from perpetrators that continue to devise new ways to exploit the vulnerabilities of vessel’s network. Many of the biggest virus threats come from local sources in forms like files and other data being transferred by CDs, USB devices and networks. Otesat-Maritel Antivirus solution utilizes advanced heuristic technologies to provide preventive superior protection from attacks waged by unknown viruses of all vulnerable entry points of the vessel’s PCs with a sophisticated update mechanism.

Additional centralized Antivirus on shore and Anti-spam & Anti-malware network protection services offer built-in malware and spam filtering capabilities that help through flexible control to protect inbound and outbound messages from malicious, spam and virus software.

Centralized Intrusion Detection & Prevention System is additionally used to strengthen the monitoring capabilities performed to Otesat-Maritel network and systems for malicious activity or policy violations.

Real time systems and data traffic monitoring & alerting is performed for unintended or unauthorized access in order to protect sensitive business & personal information.

Any detected activity or violation is typically reported either to an administrator or collected centrally using a security information and event management (SIEM) system. A SIEM system combines outputs from multiple sources, and uses alarm filtering techniques to distinguish malicious activity from false alarms.

In-depth data & incident analysis contain the actions such as Real Time Event Collection,  Malicious Code Analysis, Forensics Investigation, Root Cause Analysis, Heuristic Analysis, Dynamic Malware Analysis, Vulnerability Scanning that can lead to Incident Escalation Processes and Management.

Finally, although the already taken measures against any undesired cyber attacks, Otesat-Maritel’s POP infrastructure and Data Centre follow also all the corresponding automated systems back up and recovering capabilities procedures that suit to a Cyber Aware Company which prevents its own and its customer’s critical and sensitive data from getting lost due to any unpredictable reason. 

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