Terms for the use of the web pages and the general website of OTESAT-Maritel

The users of internet that visit these pages or / and the services of the website of OTESAT-Maritel, before doing so, are requested to read carefully the present terms and conditions of use. In case of disagreement, fully or partially, on the specific terms they are obliged to immediately discontinue the use of the web pages or the services of our site. In case the users proceeds in the usage of one or all of the above then, the users agree and consent unconditionally to be bounded by the present terms and conditions.

OTESAT-Maritel reserves the right at any time to amend the terms and conditions of use of this internet site. Based on that, the users must check for implicit changes and as long as they continue to use OTESAT-Maritel’s website or / and services of our website consequently they agree and consent to be bounded by the amended terms and conditions as well. In any other case they are required not to use our web pages or / and services of our internet site.

Intellectual Property Rights

All of the mentioned terms and conditions are valid for the whole content of our internet site, including but not limited to, texts, graphics, photographs, illustrations, trademarks, logos, trade names, service provided and generally any kind of files. The whole of the content of our internet site is protected by copyright and are, with the exception of any expressly acknowledged third party rights, protected by the national and international intellectual property rights or copyright law. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden in any way or means, partially or wholly, the reproduction or reprinting, coping or storage, sale, transition or modification without the prior written consent of OTESAT-Maritel or any other legal beneficiary, of the copyrights or intellectual property rights.

As an exception, the solely storage and copy of parts of the content in a personal computer is allowed and strictly for personal use, without the intention of exploitation for commercial or other purposes or meaning in any way assignment of the copyright or any intellectual property rights.

Anything else included in OTESAT-Maritel’s internet site that is a product of third parties copyright falls within the third party’s area of responsibility and their legal rights.

Visitors / User’s obligations

The use of OTESAT-Maritel’s internet site by any visitor has to be in full accordance with lawfully causes and not to obstruct the use of the site by third parties and to comply with the laws and legislations of the Greek, the European and the International Law, and the relevant statutory provisions governing telecommunications, good morals and the present terms and conditions of use.

The visitors / users of OTESAT-Maritel’s internet site undertake the responsibility of compensation of any damage that might be caused in our internet area or in our network in general and is a result of misuse or improper use.

OTESAT-Maritel reserves the right to claim all legal demands based on breach of the terms and conditions presented here within and also reserves the right to block the access to it’s web site from any specific location / address.

Limitation of Liability

OTESAT-Maritel exercises its best possible effort to ensure that the content of her internet site has the best possible clarity, maximum accuracy, correctness and availability, without warranties and therefore no liability for any of the above.

The total content is supplied «as is», without any type of warrantee by OTESAT-Maritel, expressed or implied, including the silent warranties regarding the merchantability or applicability. Thereof OTESAT-Maritel and its representatives are not liable in any case and in any way for any possible damage direct or consequential loss, loss of profit or decision making resulting from the use of its internet space.

OTESAT-Maritel is not responsible for the content, the availability and the services of any other internet spaces referred in its site, through links or advertising pictures, solely and only for the convenience of the visitors / users of its internet space and as such those references do not create in any case any form of commitment or liability for OTESAT-Maritel.

Personal Data

Regarding  the Protection of the Personal Data and the retention of the Content of the Customer, the valid "Privacy Policy" as stated in the https://www.otesat-maritel.com/gr/article/59/privacy-policy 

The Company shall not be liable to the users for any leakage of their personal data due to their use, through the pages of third party websites, products and services.

Governing Law

All the terms of use of our internet site, as well as the amendments, are governed and completed by the rules and regulations of the Greek, European and International Law.

Should any of the terms hereof, is contradictory to the law and is therefore declared void, is ipso facto cease to be valid and is being removed from the present, with out the remaining terms to be affected under no circumstances and shall continue to remain in full force and effect.

Any dispute arising by the use of our internet space shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Piraeus Courts.