Specialized services for the vessels’ crew

The Company through the integrated maritime telecommunications services it provides, offers specialized services giving the vessels’ crew the ability to communicate with their beloved ones easily and economically 24 hours a day, either by phone or online. The wellbeing of the crew is a vital element of any ideally organized merchant vessel. Otesat-Maritel providing reliable access to multiple voice lines, SMS text messages, e-mail and internet services via Inmarsat, VSAT and Iridium, is an effective way to keep morale high for long periods at sea.



With Otesat-Maritel CrewConnect cards crew can communicate easily and inexpensively 24 hours a day through Inmarsat E&E and FleetBroadband systems, while avoiding the costly management of their telecommunications invoices. CrewConnect cards are prepaid and available with 250 and 500 units or 100, 250 and 500 units with virtual cards.


Also, the Company has vouchers from 25 units to 5.000 units for Inmarsat GSPS (IsatPhone Pro, FleetPhone and IsatPhone Link) services.



Through Iridium OpenPort, crew communications can be made with GoChat prepaid cards, while GoChat cards are available also for the Iridium Legacy. 


Furthermore, Otesat-Maritel provides Iridium virtual vouchers valid for a specific duration that contain certain number of minutes for Iridium Legacy and the satellite mobile phones.


For crew communications through VSAT services, the Company provides virtual VoIP vouchers with a specific value.

MailOnBoard Plus 

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