Firewall on Network

Firewalls in Otesat-Maritel’s network can prevent hackers or malicious software from accessing the computers or the network equipment via Internet, putting in danger their operational continuity.

Antivirus on Network

Otesat-Maritel provides a powerful antivirus program on its network for the protection of the incoming and outgoing email messages of its customers. The virus updates are performed locally in Otesat-Maritel’s network and are not transferred to the computers of its customers creating billable amounts of data for them.

The antivirus which has been configured to be automatically updated with the latest versions of viruses (virus updates) on the Internet, in order to provide the maximum possible safety in circulating e-mails.

Onboard Firewall Protection

Onboard Firewall Protection provides firewall services via s@tGate Platform onboard equipment or Mikrotik RB 750 router device to the vessel in order to limit any undesirable requests from ship to shore direction through the satellite link and before reaching the Otesat-Maritel’s Network Central Firewall .

Port-IT Antivirus Solution 

  • Port-IT Antivirus Solution is a preventive protection of all vulnerable entry points of the vessel’s PCs that it will be installed. It is easy to install and provides small updates, which save costs. It is the maritime edition of NOD32 from ESET 


Otesat-Maritel has available an Antispam machine which controls the incoming e-mail traffic and depending on the rules set, it allows or rejects e-mail messages.


  • Incoming e-mail traffic can be controlled to different domain names (eg, and different mail servers
  • Ability to serve more than one e-mail server and different domain names
  • Different rules can be set per domain name 
  • The control can be done with 3 different criteria set by the administrator of the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall and also from the centralized global database of Barracuda Central (Barracuda Reputation Block List)
  • There is the ability to create white and black list of specific e-mail addresses per domain name.
  • Instead of rejecting a message it can be tagged or quarantined
  • Barracuda has the ability to export reports per domain name. The available report options are:
    • Top spam senders
    • Top spam recipients
    • Top e-mail recipients
    • Top viruses