OTESAT_MARITEL is authorized by the leading Flag Administrations to issue SBM contracts for vessels sailing to all sea areas (A1, A2, A3, A4) and provide to our customers technical support services regarding the maintenance and repair of the vessel’s GMDSS radio equipment in accordance with the requirements of relevant Legislation, and the Resolution A.702 (17) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)

OTESAT_MARITEL provides such services through its technical support team or in cooperation with other technical companies

The services provided are:

a) Repair the equipment whenever OTESAT_MARITEL is notified for damage, for preaudit or maintenance work.
b) The audits will be carried out in accordance with the relevant instructions of the International Maritime Organization
c) Disposal at the Subscriber's premises of suitable parts of the radio equipment for the repair and maintenance of this equipment. In any case where replacement and/or repair is not possible before vessel’s departure, OTESAT_MARITEL must replace the appliance with a relevant equipment, until the damaged appliance is repaired.
d) Office services regarding the information and coordination of repair and maintenance services. Office services will be provided on a 24-hour basis by telephone, fax and / or e-mail.
e) Technical Department of OTESAT_MARITEL is responsible for the execution of the land maintenance operations.