Value is added to customers’ high delay satellite connectivity on board their vessels by making use of the benefits offered by mobile terrestrial connectivity through our new proposal.

Near to Shore Global Solution provides data connectivity to vessels once they are close to the coast and terrestrial mobile networks.

The solution is intended to work in parallel and/or as back up to the satellite connectivity being ideal for vessel's LAN load balancing and ITOps optimization.

It is about a complete integrated solution that is managed by our s@tGate SATCOMs platform and offered through Flexible and Premium Near to Shore commercial Plans.

Key features and benefits

  1. 4G/5G data service.
  2. Unmatched scale, world’s largest connectivity with operations in over 200 countries and over 600 mobile networks.
  3. Multiple available networks in the same area provides connectivity redundancy.
  4. Multiple-IMSI profiles pre-loaded on every SIM allowing for reconfiguration if primary network has  poor or no service.
  5. Corresponding network steering is implemented based on the customer provisioned profile and IMSI preferences.
  6. Automatically selecting the best performing network, while providing the customer the freedom to change SIM profiles and services with ease.
  7. Uniquely assigned private APN directs traffic to a secure dedicated mobile core network.