OTESAT_MARITEL with its qualified and experienced team of Surveyors is certified by the majority of IACS Classification Societies to undertake (S-)VDR APTs for vessels under all flag administrations worldwide equipped with RUTTER G2(S), G3(S) & NETWAVE NW4000, NW6000 VDRs.

Through our global network of service partners, we can also provide to our customers surveys with a minimum response time and the most cost-effective solution for all VDR makers and models.

Our Marine Electronics department maintains a thorough database with all the vessels that we have done surveys, in order to monitor the expiration dates of certificates or mandatory spare parts (VDR internal battery, Fixed capsule acoustic beacon & acoustic beacon battery, Float-free capsule battery & HRU) and inform our customers in due time (1-2 months prior of the expiration) accordingly. In order to serve our customers’ needs as soon as possible we also keep a big stock of the above spares to our warehouse.