Otesat-Maritel, a member of the OTE Group of companies is considered among the leading providers of Satellite Telecommunications in the Greek maritime market.  Otesat-Maritel is one of the most recognized brands globally in the market of Satellite Telecommunications, and as an Inmarsat Tier-1 Partner, is a vendor for the Fleet Xpress and the FleetBroadband services, as well as satcom services from other key providers. 

The company provides and supports, on a 24/7 basis,  Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT services and integrated telecommunication solutions to the Greek and Global Maritime Industry combining fixed, mobile, satellite networks and I.T. applications always conforming with the highest quality standards.

Otesat-Maritel invests continuously in network infrastructure and in the development of value-added services with the most notable one being s@tGate, an integrated solution that optimizes satellite broadband communications, and designated for both operational (ship-office-ship) and crew’s use via delivering a variety of digital services (e-mail, voice, internet, M2M, etc.) covering the ICT needs of any modern shipping company.

The Company also provides worldwide installation services and technical support to all main shipping centers for the provided satellite and telecommunications terminal equipment, and recently has expanded its activities by providing electronic navigational equipment (ECDIS, etc.) and radio inspection service (GMDSS Radio Survey & APT).

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