Managed Service Offering

Our Managed Service offering includes the IT–on–Board Premium Package consisting of a dedicated IT manager onboard your vessel, who is responsible for the vessel’s IT network infrastructure and operation. There is a suite of software tools and services that are being supported and used as part of this Premium package as described in the below table. Specifically, for the Fleet IT RMM, Backup and Security suites there are corresponding features that are being supported by each package suite and module.

The overall service is offered in a unified form where under a monthly subscription fee per vessel, the dedicated IT-Manager makes use of the available tools, services and modules as presented below and as discussed also with the end customer to offer the premium IT services onboard.

Services Features IT–on–Board Premium Package
Dedicated IT Manager Onboard  
Fleet IT RMM suite
Fleet IT Backup suite
Fleet IT Security
s@tGate Management Platform
VM Manager Platform
NOC supporting tools
Setting up & operating vessel's business & crew network
Application, software, hardware management
Remote installation of programs and software
Vessel network status monitoring
OS patching
IT support
Coordination & communication with SWs suppliers
Vessel's Firewall management
Virtual CIO