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Personal Data Protection Policy

For the protection of the personal data of the users / visitors of our internet site the terms mentioned hereunder are applied, as well as the relevant provisions of the Greek Law, the regulations of the Personal Data Protection Authority, and the European law.

Otesat-Maritel preserves the right to amend the terms and conditions for the personal data protection policy, at any time, upon informing the visitors of Otesat-Maritel’s website and according to the law. For this reason the visitors are obliged every time to cheque for any possible changes and upon the continuation of the use of our site is automatically entailed that they unconditionally accept the modified terms. In any other case they are obliged not to use our internet site and / or the services provided in the site.

As far as the links of other internet sites Otesat-Maritel has no legal responsibility over the terms of use of those sites as well as the terms of the management of personal data that those sites have. These links are only and solely for the facilitation of our visitors and do not create under any circumstances any form of commitment or responsibility.

During your visit in Otesat-Maritel’s website it is possible that your personal data (name, profession, email address etc) is requested from you for reasons of communication, statistics or / and improving our services. The provision of those personal data is optional, however, the choice of our visitor not to provide us of any data that may be required is possible to entail the inability to enroll in to or activate our services. From the moment that the visitor / user submits any personal data, automatically declares that those data are precise and true and that accepts their process by Otesat-Maritel for enrollment or activation in reference to the services.

Otesat-Maritel is committed that personal data that are being submitted from the users / visitors of its website is being used exclusively by the company and the cooperated with Otesat-Maritel companies, targeting the support, promotion and execution of its business relationship or for statistical reasons. Those data are never to be disclosed in third parties (with the exception of the cases that are provided by the law and the relevant authorities), and their personal character is being preserved.

In any case the visitor / user of our internet site has the right to be informed and to object (including the case of correction) in regards to personal data that are of his concern, according to the law of the protection of the person and the process of personal data according to the regulations of law N. 2472/97 as is valid. For this cause, such applications must be submitted in writing to Otesat-Maritel, 8 Aegaleo Str., 185 45 Piraeus.

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