OTESAT_MARITEL announces that it is testing the new SAILOR XTR antenna over its Ka-band and Ku-band testbed network. For FleetXpress service, both OTESAT_MARITEL’s Soft-NSD, and FleetEdge architectures are examined. “Results prove that a new masterpiece has been developed by the undisputed pioneer in satcom equipment, both in terms of hardware, but most importantly, of the so called digital Managed Services, a software attributing certain intelligence to it”, Yannis Pavlis, Business and Product Development Director of OTESAT_MARITEL said, adding that “COBHAM will exceed market expectations with their latest technological franchise”. “Trusting OTESAT_MARITEL on putting our SAILOR XTR antenna under extensive real life testing was a rather natural decision, considering their deep know-how and rich technical experience as a long standing satcom provider of L-, Ku-, and Ka-band services”, Erik Nieuwmeijer, Sales Director EMEA said, adding that “OTESAT_MARITEL’s feedback will be precious towards fine tuning and even further developing this product in line with market needs”.
SAILOR XTR will be showcased during Posidonia 2022, at OTESAT_MARITEL’s stand (Hall 1, 1.201), were experts from both companies will be answering your questions.