OTESAT_MARITEL, a globally recognized brand in the Satellite Telecommunications market, and Bureau Veritas (BV), a global leader in the Testing, Inspection and Certification industry, have joined forces to certify two cybersecurity solutions, IRIS and s@tGate, according to IACS UR E27 Rev.1 requirements on the cyber resilience of on-board systems and equipment.

IRIS, an innovative Cybersecurity Solution, described as providing unmatched levels of ashore and onboard protection, features an e-learning module to raise security awareness, and best-in-class Managed Security Services provided by the largest and most technologically advanced Security Operation Center (SOC) in Southeast Europe, on a 24/7 basis. IRIS integrates seamlessly with OTESAT_MARITEL’s award-winning s@tGate platform, which fulfils the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) needs of any shipping company that aims to keep pace with the industry’s ongoing digital transformation.

Although IACS UR E27 Rev.1 will enter into force as a mandatory requirement for vessels contracted after July 1st 2024, it is already considered as the cybersecurity benchmark for the maritime industry. For months, Bureau Veritas has been supporting major equipment manufacturers in complying with this standard, which largely derives from IEC 62443-3-3. By collaborating with all stakeholders affected by the UR E26 and E27 mandates, anticipating shipowners’ needs, and sharing knowledge on these new standards, Bureau Veritas is supporting the maritime industry towards greater cyber resilience.

By leveraging its expertise along with its high organizational and execution capacity, OTESAT_MARITEL is currently serving shipping companies around the globe. With implemented projects ranging from typical satellite communication systems to highly complex, fully digitalized vessel environments, the company constantly works towards fulfilling and exceeding the maritime industry’s challenging requirements, focusing on exceptional customer loyalty.

Nikolaos Papaspanos, Product Manager at OTESAT_MARITEL, commented: "This certification is not just a milestone for our products but a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team. We are thrilled to have Bureau Veritas's endorsement, which reinforces our commitment to delivering top-quality technological solutions to the maritime industry and our customers. BV’s rigorous standards and professionalism have been invaluable to us. As the maritime sector increasingly depends on information technology to manage key business processes, it is crucial for shipping companies to choose digitalization tools specifically designed for maritime applications. Our solutions ensure that vessels benefit from enhanced security standards, increased efficiency, and greater productivity.”

Paillette Palaiologou, Vice President for Southeast Europe, Black Sea & Adriatic Zone at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore, commented: “This exemplary collaboration between OTESAT_MARITEL and BV experts once again illustrates our desire and that of numerous equipment manufacturers to be able to equip ships with equipment whose design and implementation do not neglect the risks linked to cybersecurity. I would like to congratulate all the teams who were involved in this double UR E27 certification. Our stated desire to place cybersecurity among the major challenges for BV comes to fruition every day when we guide shipyards, shipowners, and equipment manufacturers towards the effective implementation of UR E26 and UR E27 requirements. We now have two recognized cybersecurity standards for the maritime industry, which must be implemented effectively in the years to come. We can only rejoice about that.”