ICT & IRIS Cyber Security Solutions

Otesat-Maritel invests continuously in network infrastructure and in the development of value-added services with the most notable one being s@tGate, an integrated solution that optimizes satellite broadband communications, and designated for both operational (ship-office-ship) and crew’s use via delivering a variety of digital services (e-mail, voice, internet, M2M, etc.) covering the ICT needs of any modern shipping company.

Otesat-Maritel, through the ICT solution s@tGate, provides a range of subscription services compatible with a variety of broadband satellite links (FleetXpress, VSAT, FleetBroadband, Iridium) structured in modules for greater flexibility and centralized management from a single environment platform.

Your digital fleet can now be more protected than ever before with the IRIS cyber security services. IRIS ensures a high-level of privacy and control via Otesat-Maritel’s secure and fully redundant owned network. It provides continuous inspection to the total data traffic, to and from the vessel, along with a combination of proactive security measures over all mobile satellite networks. On the other hand, it offers via OTE’s state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre (SOC) advanced UTM capabilities to protect in the most efficient way your maritime IT infrastructure on board the vessel. In recognition of the human element in cyber security practice we also deliver an e-learning module for educating a cyber aware staff and crew so they can avoid possible threats, identify vulnerabilities and eventually minimize risk.

Protection on the Network:   

  • Otesat-Maritel’s secure,  fully redundant  owned network
  • Anti-spam & anti-malware network protection
  • Centralized Firewalling and Antivirus on Network
  • Automated Systems Back up and recovering capabilities
  • Centralized Intrusion Detection & Prevention Activities  (IDS/IPS)
  • DDOS protection
  • Real time analytical Traffic analysis
  • Analytical logging
  • In-depth data & incident analysis contain the following actions and leads to Incident Escalation Processes and Management:
    • Real Time Event Collection
    • Dynamic Malware Analysis
    • Vulnerability Scanning
  • 24/7 SOC (Security Operation Centre) Real Time Network Data Traffic Monitoring and Alerting

24/7 OTE SOC:

24/7 SOC (Security Operation Centre) Real time On-Board data traffic monitoring and alerting

e-learning module

  • Cyber Awareness e –learning sessions for IT-Managers and crew-members
  • Information security and cyber security in maritime
  • Cyber threats basics
  • Security mechanisms & practices
  • Be cyber aware at sea
  • Information security tips and guidelines
  • GDPR –Basic principles
  • Audiovisual content
  • Assessment tests

On Board Protection

  • S@tGate bandwidth and traffic management platform solution
  • Advanced Firewall with remote management capabilities
  • Content & URL capabilities
  • Logging & Monitoring
  • Access Control
  • Antivirus on board network protection with a sophisticated update mechanism
  • Advanced UTM capabilities on board

UTM On Board Protection

  • Based on Fortigate UTM technology, the leader in Cyber Security Players, and in a virtualized mode in s@tGate platform environment
  • Fully managed service & Compatible with any satellite network or IP based communication solution
  • Intrusion Detection powered by the advanced labs of Fortinet, offer deep inspection and analysis for advanced threats, botnets, zero days and targeted attacks on vessel network.
  • Intrusion Prevention IPS offers special security controls for web servers and applications, including cross-site scripting and SQL injection. Data protection controls to prevent sensitive data exfiltration with over 10,000 signatures consisting of more than 18k rules.
  • Antivirus is backed up by FortiGuard Labs constant automated updates and heuristic detection engines and provides proactive protection from the latest threats such as malware, spyware, adware, viruses, trojans, keyloogers and even threats that target mobile devices.
  • Web URL Filtering Services use granular blocking and monitoring of web activities to assist customers with government regulations enforcement of corporate internet usage policies by covering over 250 Million rated websites of a comprehensive URL database. 
  • Web content filtering feature scans the content of every web page that is accepted by a security policy and offers the ability to specify banned words and phrases to enforce safe search and apply filters to remove Java applets and ActiveX content.
  • Web Application Firewall and Control built in functionality protect Servers and Services from attacks such as SQL injection, generic attacks, known exploits, header inspection and malformed requests among others, which are filtered based on risk level.
  • Application Control protects managed assets by controlling network application usage with sophisticated detection signatures, flexible policies and traffic shaping application prioritization with over 3200 signatures and 19 categories.
  • Advanced Anti-spam detections capabilities provide greater protection than standard real-time blacklists using dual-pass detection technology and true file types filtering.
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