Provision of Navgard™ BNWAS equipment in co-operations with Martek Marine

Navgard™ by Martek Marine is a Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) specifically designed to comply with SOLAS Regulation V/19 as amended by MSC.282(86) requiring a BNWAS to be installed on all new and existing ships. The system also meets the requirements of the performance standards set out by MSC.128(75) & IEC 62616.

The system is modular to accommodate any bridge size and layout with additional PIRs and/or manual resets both inside the bridge and weatherproof versions for the bridge wings.

  • Approved By All Major Classification Societies
  • Easy, Quick & Low Cost System To Install - GUARANTEED
  • “All-in-One” Panel
  • 3-Year Warranty - Built To Last On Your Ships
  • Unique Fail Safe De-activation Protection
  • Built-in Central Motion Detector with 10m range
  • 57 Worldwide Service & Sales Partners
  • “Dual-tech” Motion Sensors To Prevent False Resets
  • Beyond Compliance – Port Security / SD Card
  • GUARANTEED Easiest & Quickest System to Install 
    • Alarms / resets are wired DIRECTLY to the control panel without separate interface module using a SINGLE cable type.  
    • System has its own battery back-up, you don’t have to spend the time and cost to install an additional power supply cable from the ships emergency 24V dc supply.
  • Only System Approved By All Major Classification Societies
  • Worldwide Service & Sales Partners 
  • Tested To Extremes & “Built to Last On Ships” 
    • Supplied as a rugged enamelled steel enclosure that will stand the test of time and last the lifetime of your ships. 
    • Alarm reset push buttons are rated at 5 million operations which should see you through 100 years of operation before renewal! 
  • Unique Built-in Central PIR Detector in the Control and alarm panel with 10m range
    • minimal watch keeper disruption or nuisance 
    • for small bridges, offers you the lowest cost compliant installation
  • On-Board Data logging to SD-Card with RS485 output to VDR
    • Log all alarm event data in real time, giving you a permanent record of bridge activity.
    • In the event of an incident on one of your ships, by accessing the alarm and event data from the SD card in your system, you will be able to know exactly what was happening on the bridge at the time of the incident.  
    • RS485 serial communications for connection to your VDR providing the highest possible degree of alarm/event logging and data security. This could be used as crucial evidence in an accident investigation. 
  • Level 4 alarm indication fitted as standard to allow connection to ship’s general alarm
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