Corporate governance refers to a number of principles adopted by a company, aiming to uphold its performance and the interests of its shareholders and all stakeholders.

Recognizing the importance of corporate governance principles and the benefits derived from their adoption, we follow international practice and standards in this area and opt for the systematic implementation of these principles throughout Company’s operations.

The applied by the Company principles and practices are incorporated in the Company's Articles of Incorporation, the OTE Group Code of Conduct and other Company’s by-laws regulating its operations.

Fundamental Principles of the Corporate Governance System

The fundamental principles on which the corporate governance system is based involve the following:

  • Ensuring transparency and effective control over management
  • Two-way communication between Company's stakeholders and Company's management
  • Assurance of operational efficiency

The three main pillars for the application of corporate governance rules and practices concern the role of the Board of Directors, the executive members and the control, the protection of shareholders’ rights and the enhancement of transparency and information disclosure.