Satcom, optimization, management, service provision & cyber Security Platform

s@tGate is a state-of-the-art networking tool build for satellite bandwidth management and data transmission optimization in the complex marine IP environment.

s@tGate also works at the background of any satellite link, including Inmarsat, Iridium, and VSAT, operating as a service delivery patform combined with supreme service management capabilities.

A variaty of such Otesat-Maritel services as internet café, e-mail, phone calling, etc., are offered through it while at the same time, s@tGate allows integration of further services and appplications of modern maritime corporations.

Essentially designed in the field by both mariners and maritime IT experts, s@tGate is accredited as a solution emerged from practical maritime ICT needs, while its in-house development has gained market recognition as an instrument that could be specially tailored around any particular maritime enterprise networking requests.

  • Supports a suite of services, including e-mail, browsing, and voice.
  • Enables flexible charging of burst data in terms of pre-pay vs. post-pay, volume vs. time, and by even considering application-specific discharge rates.
  • Permits advanced firewall and network interfaces for both the vessel LAN and the shore WAN, anytime, at IT administrator’s will, by distinguishing between business and crew traffic as well as with respect to the permitted services.
  • Shifts business productivity through prioritizing corresponding traffic when your bandwidth is limited or your primary connectivity is lost. Novel traffic shaping and failover switching techniques are deployed.
  • Optimizes vessel’s overall satellite connectivity throughput by balancing the on board running apps load through exploitation of all active satellite gateways.
  • Controls user web access and e-mail correspondence in accordance to the corporate internet/mail usage policy through specifying appropriate rules and filters.
  • Prevents user addiction including overspending through setting temporal and monetary restrictions.
  • Protects against malware and viruses your enterprise network on board and ashore.
  • Eases management of pre-paid accounts by even allowing their transfer among vessels of the same fleet and their exchange between users.
  • Enhances onboard browsing experience which eventually resembles that of land users.
  • Increases charging confidence through displaying real-time information and recording corresponding session logs, which consequently promotes and encourages crew usage of company’s monthly data allowance.
  • Assists in justifying the corporate decisions regarding the selected data allowance package through transparent documentation of business and crew charges, including statistical figures that offer the capability to fully comprehend utilization of corporate allowance.
  • Incorporates the state-of-the-art in the optimization of satellite communications, using sophisticated caching and compression techniques multiplying, thus, the value of corporate data allowance.
  • Assures virtually uninterrupted communications via the deployed hardware and software redundancy, and enables exploitation of the corresponding hardware resources via hosing corporate services/apps in virtual machines.
  • Unlocks the true potential of broadband connectivity means, turning it into the ultimate tool that optimizes utilization of the precious satellite communication resources.
  • Intelligent failover switch coupled with prioritization between multiple satellite carriers
  • Data traffic load balancing per service/app
  • Reactive traffic shaping (QoS)
  • Advanced data traffic routing through FleetBroadband terminals
  • Virtual Vessel LANs & Remote LAN/WAN configuration
  • Web compression/acceleration/caching/advertisement and banner removal
  • Auto-redirection to mobile browsers
  • Firewall management on board and ashore
  • URL/content/app filtering, including black and white lists
  • Agile parametrization of network/firewall settings per WAN interface and per B2B/Crew accounts
  • Grouping of firewall rules into service commands
  • MAC address lock
  • Fleet wide rules enforcement
  • Bring-your-own-device
  • Auto file synchronization with compression and true “delta” file transfer
  • Live vessel positioning and route tracking, speed and heading
  • VPN multiple server/client functionality including VPN user management
  • Office news broadcasting and scheduling
  • Data-based, time-based, and service-based crew charging options
  • Sophisticated pre-paid voucher management and bookeeping features
  • Time-based and volume based user restriction including real-time utilization info and alerts
  • System redundancy with RAID 1 back up on board
  • Master-slave equipment redundancy and data replication with clustered storage
  • Automated internal/external backup
  • System restoration and reset functionality
  • VM segmentation, hosting and remote management
  • Sophisticated s@tGate equipment configuration wizard
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Advanced traffic analysis combined with statistical reporting including
    • Session, transaction, traffic logs, and web visit logs and pie charts
    • Live user traffic at transport and application layer, including pie charts per protocol or application
    • Monitoring of critical functions and system logs
    • General traffic charts at vessel’s or fleet level
    • Local and WAN interface traffic analysis charts
    • User device analytics per protocol and application port
    • Business and crew traffic segregation
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