Ideal for usage in remote areas

IsatPhone Link belongs to the Global Satellite Phone Service (GSPS) of Inmarsat with global coverage via the Inmarsat-4 satellites and is targeted to land customers. It is ideal for usage in remote areas not served by terrestrial or GSM networks, while due to its competitive charges in GSPS to FleetBroadband communications, it can be used by shipping companies to communicate with their vessels.

IsatPhone Link service is available with Oceana 400 and Oceana 800 terminal equipment. Both products are certified by Inmarsat and are constructed by Beam Communications.

Advantages: IsatPhone Link offers a number of advantages like: 

  • Global coverage via a Inmarsat-4 satellite system
  • Robust terminal and antenna
  • Clear voice quality
  • Easy to use and install
  • Ability to connect to the PABX
  • Seamless rates worldwide without roaming
  • Suitable for wide range of user environments
  • Postpaid packages and Prepaid Vouchers are available
  • Satellite telephony 2.4kbps
  • Voicemail
  • Text and email messaging
    • Text-to-text
    • Text-to-email
    • Web message-to-IsatPhone Link 
  • Circuit-switched data

The following terminal equipment is available:

  • Oceana 400
  • Oceana 800

Global coverage on the I-4s

With an expected operational lifetime into the 2020’s

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